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Mattia Ossanna

"Dj/Mattia Ossanna  Born in the city of Bolzano, Class 1995, he began his career in the world of music Goa, not without rolling up his sleeves, working in the premises first as a waiter and later as a pr. Moving to Northern Italy in Venice in 2018 for work, he began a journey into the world of large-scale distribution and studying to become management, but he took little to understand that his path was in a completely different direction, the enthusiasm for nightlife on the premises. gave the right reason to start a path by producing and playing techno. Come back soon to deepen his knowledge towards genres and new trends, giving shape to a charisma that immediately became busy with productions. A good fusion of techno records and minimal sounds without ever being taken for granted. All this is synonymous with passion and character. Today Mattia Ossanna plays and continues to produce music that is always different, which although not part of any current or fashion. agrees just differences between them."

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