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Ian Carpenter

Ian Carpenter is dj, producer, radio host of a weekly show and the driving force behind the labels Trip Records and Xeon Records. His sound has continuously evolved during his dj career, always true to his Techno roots. He was one of the first djs that used the new possibilities in the course of the digitalization of music in a consequent and creative way. The real-time manipulation of the individual elements plays an important role in his sets. Due to the good co-operation with various software and hardware makers, his current setup offers him practically endless possibilities. He is a worldwide requested dj and also part of the Collabs live act, together with the Dutch producer Stephanie Noordermeer. His productions and remixes appear in the play lists of numerous renowned djs. Hereafter some milestones in his career:  

“ It all started 2002 in the area of Padova / Italy when he was mainly playing electronic techno, and tech house. His growing passion for electronic music caused the opening of own club named Clockwork Orange in 2006. At this time he also gathered his first studio experiences and founded the label Trip Records. When he was called to fill in for a friend at the legendary Pachuca club, and Le Palais club he received enthusiastic reactions from the crowd. From this day until the closing of the clubs in 2012, he used to play there on a regular basis together with many international djs. Ian developed a new passion by presenting his first radio show Trip Records Sets which supplied the party crowd every day morning, one or more new djsets In the beginning of 2017 he started to work on his first artist album and the Trip Records website went online. From then on the Trip Records office took care of his exclusive booking and the labels. This summer many things started moving, for example on Ibiza. After winning the burn residency contest, this year Ian played for Carl Cox and Philipp Straub.

The first residency of the Trip Records Radio Show started in summer a collaboration with Ibiza Sonica radio. Due to the big success, another slot on Ibiza Global Radio followed. Since 2018 Ian produces in his own (obviously “state of the art”:) studio in Padua. In the same year a productive and still persisting friendship between him and Toti Coco dj and producer of Catania (Sicily). 2018 was a year of many changes for Trip Records and his team celebrated the 5th anniversary of Trip Records, restructured the label. In the beginning of the year, Ian had begun with the production of the weekly Trip Records Sets podcast, which by now counts more than 200.000 monthly listeners.”

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